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Sailing Ibiza with The Green Team: Our Services

La bella verde: Our Services


Our Services: La Bella Verde

People come to Ibiza mainly for two things. The first one is its fantastic nightlife. The second is pretty popular and it’s… the beaches. Ibiza is a popular destination for tourists who are looking for sun (sun stays up 300 days every year) and beaches (Ibiza’s coast extends over 210 km). So when you have all of this water, the next logical step is… sailing!

There is where La Bella Verde comes in. We are a company founded in the Balearic Islands, in 2014 as a charter catamaran company. But we take pride as a green company. We pioneered the green boat movement, by chartering our green rental boats which are solar powered. Our two main goals are: Make your visit memorable and preserving the environment at the same time.

That’s why our eco charter experiences are focused n creating memories that will last a lifetime, while we respect the sea and do our best to maintain it as it is.

But… none of this would matter if our fleet is no good… Don’t worry… our fleet is definitely a blast for you to enjoy and will make your day at the sea a memorable one. Our catamarans are spacious and designed to give you the best comfort. They all boast electric engines and solar panels to power them. The best part of this is that thanks to the eco design, our motors are silent allowing you to fully enjoy your time at the Mediterranean Sea.

Also, our team has created the best routine for the trip to ensure that you have the time of your life.

So what do we have to offer you?

  • 7 hour day trips for 2-35 guests
  • Flexible launch and landing times
  • Fun young crew
  • A fridge full of refreshments
  • Great sound system
  • Shade canopy
  • Masks & Snorkels
  • Life jackets & Safety equipment


We have and outstanding fleet at your disposal:

    • The dragonfly

These boats have capacity for 10 people. Hard deck and trampolines with hammock style nets over the water. 34 foot catamaran, top speed 20 knots, able to beach

Plenty of space to relax in comfort. Perfect for all ages and occasions

    • The Nortern Star

With a capacity of 5 guests, these are classic catamarans with a solar twist. They are 25 foot catamarans with 15 knot max speed. Wooden deck with nets for lounging space and a retro vibe, great for couples and small groups of friends.

Our packages.

We offer different packages, for different sizes:

2 – 5 guests: Daytrip for small groups.

Your family will love you after they spend a day at the sea in a total new way.

5 – 10 guests: Daytrip on a private boat.

Your little party at the sea… with your friends enjoying the sea and sun of Ibiza.

10 – 20 guests: Tandem sail, side by side, taking two boats

Take two boats at once and feel like a you really own the sea!

20 – 35 guests: Rent the whole Green fleet!

The ultimate level of sailing… our whole fleet at your disposal!

And don’t forget the crew. We are a youthful team that will do all that’s on our hands to give you the best day of your life. We will tailor your trip so you can enjoy it most.

And last but not least… as a green company, we vow for the conservation of the sea.

We raise funds to support local, sustainable projects as well as actively starting new ones ourselves.To educate and inspire future generations and raise awareness of the problems faced by our seas and oceans.

The best of all is that you can take part of it. 1% of every eco charter we do will be donated to the foundation, so come sail with us and spread the word.


How to find us:

The boats are moored at the famous Salinas Beach. Looking out to sea, we are on the far right hand side in-front of the sailing school

C/ Josep Lluis Sert, 28 07819 Santa Eularia, Spain
+34 603 807 588

We are on Google My Business: La Bella Verde | Boat Rental Ibiza | Eco Catamaran Charter

Sail Ibiza with us, Rent a Catamaran, is much more than a Ibiza Yacht week.


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